Performing Arts

Singapore 's performing arts talent, a wonderful work of art ever . In addition to the passion of local works , as well as many international drama landed here , pull the heartstrings of the audience. If you are a performing arts lovers to enjoy a show in Singapore will not let you down.

Victoria Theatre (Victoria Theatre) and the Concert Hall (Victoria Hall)

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is two buildings connected by a bell tower , prevailed during the design and construction of the Victoria revivalism . Victoria Theatre Singapore Arts Festival , Singapore Sun Festival and some of the most prestigious cultural event of the selected sites, weekly performances at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra is also selected here .
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Arrival Transport: By bus 75,100,107,130 Road to the Victoria Concert Hall Station

Theatre Practice (Theatre Practice)
Singapore's first bilingual theater , theater works with a variety of performances featuring traditional works , contemporary works , classics , original works to the experimental work , everything.
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Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30
Arrival Transportation: Take the bus to 56,980 Midlink Plaza Station