Merlion Park

Legend in the 14th century, the Sumatran prince boat outing, approaches an island, accidentally discovered a strange animal was prince in Sanskrit call it Singa, that is, the meaning of a lion, he was confident that this is a good sign, so decided to re-create a new city, as "city" Sanskrit as Pura, from Singapore will be the "Lion City" Singapura painted on the equal sign.


Small fishing village to witness the development of Singapore as an international city of history, in 1972 by local artists will be the head of a lion and the body of the unique combination of fish, hit the "Merlion" logo, a symbol of Singapore's hospitality. Today, the Merlion statue stands estuary was set up lighting projector with spray function, the same day the color fades, watch the Merlion and the other side of the tower and skyline blend romance Index hundred percent.