Welcome to Marina Bay, Singapore


Singapore Marina Bay

Traditional Singapore landmarks since 1972, began to stand at the Marina Bay (Marina Bay) the fishtail lion like, But Marina Bay Sands into inverted skateboard like the unique sky garden buildings and below into the completion of the lotus-shaped art science museum, Singapore's Landmarks may be ceded to the two new buildings.

I think to Merlion (The Merlion) is more interesting, as the representative of Singapore Merlion image inspired by the legend that is derived from the name "Singapore" This design: the words of the 11th century, a prince landed in Singapore encounter a lion a result, the Sanskrit word "Singapura" named for Singapore, that is the meaning of the "lion City", therefore Singapore has "lion City" alias.

Unfortunately, we visited the famous Merlion is erected scaffolding maintenance, and can only be photographed the pocket edition Merlion Park.

From Merlion Park, Esplanade Drive (coastal bridge) go towards commonly known as the "Big Durian" Esplanade (Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay), a party that is only 260 meters long bridge has told us from the evening went to Sunset because the bridge precisely filming Merlion, the Museum of Arts and Sciences (ArtScience Museum) and one of the best location in the Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay Sands).


Our tour to Singapore at a time when the Chinese New Year period, between the Esplanade to the Singapore Flyer (Singapore Flyer) being held at the Year of the Rabbit celebration of Carnival activities, there are some temporary rides mean for usspend more "ammunition" to shoot.

Carnival near some open-air food stall, just enjoyable visitors Medical belly ", including two shot exhilaration of silly people.

Marina Bay Sands used to the double helix into the vat Bridge (The Helix Bridge) Singapore is another new distinctive buildings, although it can not enter the casino, like other gamblers lost sanity, but we have lost the sense of time and shoot the missed subway operating time, in retrospect implementation should be considered directly live in the Marina Bay Sands. Do the math we walked from the Merlion Park Marina Bay Sands actually took about six hours, we lost to a turtle race.

Friend from illness first back to the hotel to rest following day, I was alone and take some photos to the double helix bridge catch, leaving the Asian Civilizations Museum see Marina Bay Sands spotlights beautiful night, and went to the Merlion Park shot, so I second missed last departures subway!